About Us

CC&G Enterprises, Inc.
Your source for expert contractor services.

train_tracks1slide4-1024x456CC&G Enterprises, Inc. provides railroad, excavation, demolition, recycling, concrete and many other contractor services for a variety of industries.

When CC&G Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1994, our original focus was to meet the needs of the railroad industry. Today, we are continuing to provide the same professional services to the railroad industry in addition to the petroleum, rock & glass industries as well as providing many other skills to very large commercial and industrial firms.

CC&G can offer you a solution for your challenges. We bring a multitude of services and solutions to your business. Our experience level is high, our innovative approaches are unique and our commitment to excellent service is unsurpassed.

To continue our mission, CC&G has committed itself to the “Quality Improvement Process” for all phases of our operation. Our job strategy of performing the work right the first time has produced tangible results for many companies throughout our region. We will provide your business with the same benefits. We welcome your project inquiries.

Remember CC&G for all your problem solving needs. Just contact us at 419.855.9939 to get started. We would appreciate your business. Thank you!


  • Our objective with any project we undertake is to “get it right the first time.”
  • We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs.
  • We can service large commercial and industrial projects.